Restoration Services and Care Information

Here at Richard Moller, we specialize in more than one type of restoration. If you have a piece that you feel needs our restoration services, we can arrange for custom restoration. On-site, or at home restorations are also available for pieces that cannot be easily transported. Our antique restoration is well known in the Connecticut area.


Antique restoration is most certainly not an easy task for the restorer. Often antique pieces of furniture that are restored will lose their value due to the irrevocable changes that are a part of traditional restoration.


Much of today’s antique pieces were created more than a century ago. The wood used in these pieces is unique, in that it was taken from trees that were very old. These trees do not have the same patterns as today’s trees, and so are impossible to replicate. The finishes on antique furniture were placed using far different methods than what we use today, as well as different ingredients. Again, replacing a finish on a piece may make the piece look better, but the new finish simply will not be able to measure up to the value of the original finish.


Refinishing With Preservation in Mind


No matter what we refinish, the preservation of pieces is always the top priority. This is why any type of custom restoration is applied in such a way as to make it easy for future generations to reverse if they wish to do so.

Unfortunately, the restoration of antique wood means permanent change. This is why we strongly advise our clients to ensure the pieces they wish to have refinished have not previously been designated as a family heirloom or an investment.

What If Pieces Are Missing?


You may wish to have items restored that are missing pieces. One example could be a piece of artwork in an antique frame that has sustained some damage over the years. When this is the case, visual beauty can be restored by finding and applying materials that match the piece’s age. Veneers can be shaped to match that of the piece’s original elements. Any piece that is attached to an original work of art or furniture piece is done in such a way as to be able to be easily removed in future.


Scroll Replacement


In cases where one or more pieces are missing from antique furniture, these can be recreated using a mold. All that’s needed is to use a clay compound for pressing against existing scrolls. Then, the mold is filled with a substance that will, once dry, have the consistency of wood. Woodworkers can then take the plaster piece to create the duplicate. This technique can also be applied directly where it may be needed, whether custom or on-site restoration has been requested.


Keeping Your Antique Furniture Looking Beautiful


Usually, all that’s required to maintain your antique piece is to clean it well and follow up each cleaning with a thin coat of a product that has a light oil base. Those older pieces, although they may have many scars, can be just as beautiful in their original state as they would be restored.


We look forward to hearing about your restoration needs. Please give us a call at 203-817-0432 or fill out our contact form. Our company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.